Hair Perfume FULL Set of 10

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Your hair can smell like a new yummy scent everyday of the week. Buying as a set saves you $10.

This set Contains all 10 2oz bottles of hair perfume. Fragrances are Blue- Fresh and Clean ,Orange- Coco Mango, Yellow- Vanilla ,Green- Green Apple ,Purple- Cucumber Melon, Pink- Tropical Medley , Red-Strawberry, Bright Orange- Citrus Splash, Light Purple- Laveder Rose Petals, LightGreen-Kiwi Raspberry

Made with quality ingredients to keep your hair smelling yummy and clean!

Testimony: "The scents are all different and make your hair smell lovely. My hubby loves how my hair smells. There is nothing worse than smelly hair. Small enough to carry in purse but large enough to last you awhile. This also comes in handy if you go in an area where people smoke; this way your hair doesn’t smell like cigarettes. Moisture is super important in dry hair so the fresh smell and the moisturizing ingredients is a great combo. It's very light so doesn’t weigh your hair down. Yummylicious hair is one spray away."

Directions: Shake well before use, hold above hair and spray. A few squirts is enough.

Alcohol free, Silicone Free, enhanced with fragrance and a moisturizing essential oil.