Alikay Gyal Brand Ambassador Program

Purpose: To increase awareness of Alikay Naturals and educate customers on the healthy hair regimen, why ingredients matter, and how to embrace their natural beauty.

What does it mean to be an Alikay Gyal?

An Alikay Gyal represents beauty, love, royalty, and self confidence throughout all her days. She spreads endless positivity on all platforms by supporting all women, no matter their skin color, hair type or race.


Why become an Alikay Gyal?

  • Free Monthly Products
  • Hair Tips, Product Knowledge Education on all Alikay Naturals Products
  • Represent Alikay Naturals at Local Events 
  • Personal Brand Ambassador Spotlight on Alikay Naturals Website and Social Media shoutout
  • One-on-One interaction with Rochelle Graham, founder of Alikay Naturals, on hair care tips and product knowledge
  • Unforgettable, unduplicatable experience!


How does it work?

The Brand Ambassador Program is a 6 month agreement and is focused on empowering and promoting women to embrace their hair by providing them with all the necessary steps to follow a healthy hair regimen.


Want to become an Alikay Gyal?

Apply HERE

Formulated with NO mineral oil, NO alcohol, NO sulfates , NO silicones, NO parabens