L.O.C. Method Moisture Kit - Hair Parfait

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Kit Includes:

Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner 8oz, Moisture Rich Hair Parfait 8oz and Shine Crave Hair Glosser 2oz

Fixing dry hair requires a combination of inputting moisture and keeping it from escaping. The L.O.C. method does exactly that: it uses Lemongrass (Liquid) and Moisture Rich Hair Parfait (Cream) to input moisture and uses Shine Crave Hair Glosser (Oil) to keep it from escaping. The L.O.C. Method™ was created by Alikay Naturals Founder and CEO, Rochelle Graham-Campbell and is backed by scientific principles of organic chemistry.

Love your hair with The L.O.C. Method™ and your hair will LOVE YOU BACK!

Apply products in these steps after washing and conditioning your hair.

Step 1: Liquid= Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner

Step 2: Oil=Shine Crave Hair Glosser

Step 3: Cream= Moisture Rich Hair Parfait