Healthy Locs Collection

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Keeping your locs healthy is simplified with our Healthy Locs Collection. This innovative collection contains everything needed to keep your locs healthier than ever- it's a full locs regimen! This line up of products will help you keep your locs clean, moisturized, and styled to perfection all while retaining growth and keeping your retwists at a minimum. 

This Collection Includes:

+ Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner (8oz)  A premium, humectant-based deep treatment that delivers maximum moisture to dry, damaged hair.

+ Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo (8oz) Removes product buildup without stripping hair of vital moisture. This clarifying shampoo is made from raw Black Soap which heals damaged hair from deep within the follicles.

+ Caribbean Coconut Milk Conditioner (8oz) A uniquely formulated conditioner that treats damage and dryness with a powerful cocktail of specific, quality ingredients including coconut oil, coconut milk, sage and nettle.

+ Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner (8oz) Our best-selling and award-winning leave-in is for ALL HAIR TYPES! It provides more moisture (even after styling and drying) and conditioning properties. It contains lemongrass oil which helps strengthen hair follicles, promote healthy hair growth, reduce hair shedding, soothe dry hair/itchy scalp, and adds shine to every loc.

+ Naturally Unique Loc Oil (8oz) A combination of premium essential oils including hempseed, ylang-ylang and vitamin E which heals your scalp from itchiness and flaking. This loc oil seals moisture and conditions your locs leaving a beautiful sheen. It's also light-weight so it won’t leave build-up!

+ Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil (8oz) A customized and light-weight blend of 17 essential oils and herbs. Promotes faster hair growth by nourishing the scalp while stimulating and strengthening the hair follicles.

+ Totally Twisted Loc Butter (8oz) Use to retwist and keep new growth smooth, neat and manageable. The quality ingredients include cocoa butter, vitamin E and grapeseed oil which ensures your locs remain moisturized and hydrated while providing a medium-flexible hold.

+ Aloe Berry Styling Gel (8oz) An alcohol-free, tropical-scented formula packed with aloe vera, berries, botanicals, and even essential oils to hydrate your locs with medium-light hold.

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